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Birthday Celebrations in America

Birthdays are celebrated more for children than for the adults, unless it is a milestone birthday such as 21, 30, 40 or 50.
At hte children´s parties they have balloons, streamers are hung up and lots of friends are invited to the party. There are always presents, cakes and ice cream. Sometimes the person having the birthday can choose what they want to do: bowling, swimming, arcades, amusement parks, camping trips and so on.
The majority of American children celebrate birthdays with a cake topped with lighted candles. Most families use the candles to represent how old a person is turning. When the cake is set before the guest of honor, he or she is supposed to make a wish, without telling anyone what it is. Then everyone sings the"Happy Birthday" song, and at the end of the song, the birthday person blows out the candles. If all the candles go out with one breath, it is believed that the wish will come true.
Singing "Happy Birthday to You" has been a long-standing tradition on birthdays. It was written by two American sisters in 1893, and it has been translated into several languages aound the world.

Adapted from: www.birthdaycelebrations.net/usabirthdays.htm


Birthdays celebrations around the world

Choose a country. Find out how people usually celebrate their birthdays:

- What do they eat?
- Do they sing any songs?
- Do they get special gifts?

Share your finds with your classmates.

You can find lots of useful information at www.birthdaycelebrations.net/traditions.htm,www.kidsparties.com,TraditionsInDifferentCountries.htm and http://library.thinkquest.org?10007/

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