terça-feira, 8 de novembro de 2011

A letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa Claus,

My names is Mbeke Obi. I´m 12 years old and I live in a small village near Awasa. Ethiopia. I don´t know you, but my English teacher says taht you are tall and fat, you have a long white beard, and wear red clothes. She also says that you live at the north Pole. I think it is very cold there. It is very hot in my village and we don´t have any snow.
My teacher says that children write a lot of things they want an send to you. Then you bring those things on Christmas evening. Well, I have a long list.
Here are the things I want:
1. Please bring water to my village. There is no water to drink, cook or wash with.
2. Bring food to my family.
3. My father doesn´t have a job. Please help him find one.
4. I have three brothers and two sisters. My sisters are very sick. Please, bring them medicine.
5. Take away all the landmines from my country. They will kill and injure many children every year.
6. Stop the war and bring peace to my country.
Santa Claus, I hope you bring me all those things on Christmas eve. I don´t know when Christmas is, but I´m going to aks my teacher.
Merry Christmas to you and your family,
Mbeke Obi

Write T or F

1. ( ) Mbeke Obi is an English teacher.
2. ( ) It is very hot in Ethiopia.
3. ( ) Her family is poor.
4. ( ) Her family is large.
5. ( ) There are many problems in her village.

Match the columns.

1. Mbeke has a ( ) food in her house.
2. There is ( ) long list of things to ask Santa Calus for.
3. Mbeke goes ( ) die in her country because of landmines.
4. There isn´t much ( ) to school.
5. Many children ( ) war in her country.


Mbeke doesn´t know when Christmas is. In your opinion, why doesn´t she know this?

Suggestion: You can also work with the song "We are the world: USA for Africa."

Farm animals


Mr. Manbauer and his family live on a farm in Pennsylvania. They usually work a lot on their farm, but they are not working much this month. It´s January, and January is wintertime in Pennsylvania. There´s a lot of snow and little work on the farm.

The animals don´t go to the field. The cows and sheep are in the barn. The pigs are in the pigpen. The chickens, ducks, and turkeys are in the chicken coop. The horses are in a small stable near the house. There are few horses on the farm right now. Mr. Manbauer sells some of his horses every year when the winter comes. Frampy, his dog, sleeps close to the farmhouse and so does Mimi, the family cat.

Write T or F

1. ( ) Mr. Manbauer is a vet in Pennsylvania.

2. ( ) There aren´t many horses on the farm in the winter.

3. ( ) There are only chickens in the chicken coop.

4. ( ) The pigs aren´t in the pigpen.

5. ( ) The animals don´t go to the field in winter.

Match the columns

1. Mr. Manbauer sells the horses before ( ) when winter comes.

2. In january, ( ) winter comes.

3. The cows aren´t in the stable. ( ) They are in the barn.

4. The chickens are ( ) in the chicken coop.

5. The snow covers everything ( ) there isn´t much work on Mr. Manbauer´s farm.

15 MILES on a wheelchair

Reading Comprehension

For many people, he is just another boy on a wheelchair selling candy on the street corners of São Paulo. There are many people selling candy on the corners.

This boy´s name is J.A. Silva. He is nineteen. He lives in Lapa, a neighborhood 6 miles from downtown São paulo. He moves around on a wheelchair. He works as a street vendor in the morning and plays basketball in the afternoon.

J.A. gets up at 5:30 every day and has breakfast. He rides his chair to the street where he works. He starts work at about 8:00 a.m.. In the afternoon, J.A. goes to his basketball practice. He plays basketball until 4 p.m. and he goes back home. J.A. travels about 15 miles on his wheelchair every day. He has a dream: he wants to be a professional basketball player and stop selling candy on street corners.

Mark True (T) or False (F).

1. ( ) J.A. Silva doesn´t go to school.

2. ( ) Only J.A. Silva sells candy on a wheelchair in São Paulo.

3. ( ) He doesn´t live near downtown.

4. ( ) He doesn´t want to sell candy forever.

5. ( ) His dream is to buy a new wheelchair.