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There are 8,552,306 people living in New York. 26% are black, 22% are Hispanic and 7% are Asian.As you can see, there are many people from different countries there. The result is that everyone gets to see different cultures and get a taste of theri food...
...Since New York is made up of all kinds of people, besides different types of food, every year there are many different parades. There are pareades from many different nationalities such as Chinese, Englis, Spanish and Polish. At these parades, you can see the country's culture, dance, music and so much more.
my favorite parade is the Easter Parade. In this parade there are a lot of colorful costumes _ especially the hats. The hats are big and have clolorful flowers on them. There are colorful floats covered with flowers. When you look at these flowers you can see a picture. Yhe parade looks like a village from a cartoon.

Available at: www.kidsthinklink.com/CultureLink/index.htm


Make a page of a travel guide:

-Collect information about a place in your state. Research encyclopedias, travel guides, travel magazines, the Web and talk to people eho know the place well.
-Make a page of a travel guide about the plae. Add photos if possible. Remember to include the sources where you found the information.
-Add suggestions for visitros: a hotel, restaurants, shops and interesting things to do and see in the city.
-Share your work with your classmates.
-Display your pages on a bulletin board and have everyone vote for the best place to visit.

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