quinta-feira, 29 de julho de 2010

6th grade - pronouns/to be.

1.) Rewrite these sentences using pronouns and contractions.

a) Maria is my friend.
She is my friend.

b) Sansão is from Brazil.

c) Sandy and Junior are from Campinas.

d) Anita and I are classmates.

e) You and Pedro are on the soccer team.

2) Read the sentences. Then choose the correct alternatives and complete them.

a) Guga isn´t (´s/isn´t) from Paraná.
He ----------- (is/are) from Santa Catarina.

b) Anita and Marta ---------- (is/are) on the basketball team.

c) I ---------- (´m/´re) from Brasília.
It --------- (´s/´re) the capital of Brazil.

d) Carlos and I --------- (am not/ aren´t) in Book 2.
We --------- (´s/´re) in Book 1.

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