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Text - Past Continuous - 8th grade

Reading Comprenhension

Bill´s day

It was Saturday. The sun was shining and many people were going to the park. Bill was there. He was riding his bike when he met his math teacher, Mrs. Bells. She was running around the lake. There were some boys playing soccer. He also met his neighbor, Mr. Ford. He was doing some exercises. There were some kids eating popcorn and drinking soda. It was great!

Now answer the questions:

1. What day was it?
2. What was the weather like?
3. Where were the people going?
4. What was he doing when he met his math teacher?
5. What was Mrs. Bells doing?
6. What about Mr. Ford? What was he doing?
7. Were there kids in the park too?
8. What were the boys playing?

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