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7th grade - verb tense review


My name is Philip Austin and I am Australian. I am 13 years old and I am very happy because next vacation I am going to visit Brazil. My father is Australian but my mother is Brazilian. She wants to travel to Brazil to visit her family and I am very excited because I am going to see my cousins. We usually meet in December when it´s Christmas time, but this year we´re going to spend more time together.
My parents and I are very busy because we are organizing everything to travel. My mom is buying gifts for everybody and my father is working more than usual so that he can have a long vacation.


Copie do texto duas sentenças que correspondam aos seguintes tempos verbais:

A. To be

1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

B. Outros Verbos

1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

C. Present Continuous

1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

D. Going to future

1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

When you want to talk about routine actions, use the Simple Present Tense and when you describe actions happening at the moment, use the Present Continuous Tense. In order to talk about your plans for the future, use the Going to Futura Tense.

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