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1. Complete the sentences with: You, He, She, It, We and They.

  1. Mrs. Harris is a teacher. --------- is a good teacher.
  2. Juan is in the car. -----------is in the blue car.
  3. Mr. and Mrs. Welch are Americans. ---------- from New York.
  4. The chair is new. ---------- not old.
  5. You and your friend are new students. -------- are in my class.
  6. Derek and I are students. ---------- are in college.

2. Complete the paragraph with am, is, or are.

My name ------- Mike Goodrich. I ------ the president of Compugames. It------ an Internet videogame company. Our employees --------- from all over the world. I ------- from Seattle. Celia Rivera-------- the vice president of Compugames. She ------ from Puerto Rico. Ruth McMaster and Carol Cheng ---------- two new employees. Ruth ------ from new York, and Carol --------- Taiwan. Diego and Dana ------ our new trainees from Brazil.

3. Complete the sentences. Use subject pronouns and be contractions.

  1. Mr. Walsh is our computer technician. -------- from Canada.
  2. Compugames is a company. --------- in Seattle.
  3. Mark and Pete are new employees. -------- game designers.
  4. Ana and I are students. -------- from Mexico.
  5. Some employees are in college. ------- busy.
  6. My name is Hiro. --------- from Japan.
  7. Carol is at work. -------- a sales manager.
  8. You and Donna are new employees. -------- in my department.
  9. Rocket Race is our new video game. -------- fun!
  10. Our offices are on Jackson Street. -------- big.

Source: Grammar Sense

Susan Kesner Bland


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