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Complete each conversation. Then discuss your answers is small groups.

1. A: ---------------------------
B: In Florida.

a. Where do you live?
b. Who do you live with?
c. What do you do?

2. A: ---------------- after work?
B: To the gym.

a. Where does she
b. Where shw goes
c. Where does she go

3. A: Does Steve clean the house?
B: --------------------------

a. Yes, he is.
b. No, I do.
c. Yes, we do.

4. Who teaches your class?
B: ----------------------

a. A class of fifth graders.
b. A woman from Spain.
c. Spanish.

5. A: -----------------------
B: It cools the air.

a. What does an air conditioner do?
b. Who makes an air conditioner?
c. What is an air conditioner?

6. A: What does your brother look like?
B: ------------------------

a. He likes soccer.
b. He has dark hair.
c. He looks for his shoes.

7. A: Who owns that bicycle?
B: ---------------------------

a. Ted is.
b. Ted does.
c. Ted has.

8. A: Does water freeze at 212º F?
B: No. It ------------ at 32 º F.

a. is freezing
b. freezes
c. freeze

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