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Every year, hundreds of Americans are badly hurt by lightning. But you don´t have to be one of them Here are a few ways to protect yourself:

If you´re outside during a storm, go inside. You can be hurt by lightining simply by being outside. Just because you don´t see any lightining or hear any thunder it doesn´t mean it´s not there. And don´t wait for "officials" to call a storm hazardous. Any storm can be hazardous. So, be safe and go inside.

If you´re caught outside during a storm and can´t go to a well-protected place, the next best thing to do is to make yourself very small. Get away from trees and other tall objects, get down and put your arms around your knees. Your chance of being hit by lightining are greater if you are taller than anything else around, or if you stand near water or metal.

While it´s much better to stay inside during a storm, lightining can still get you. You need to stay away from windows. You shouldn´t talk on the phone or take a bath. And don´t just turn off televisions, computers and other appliances. Unplug them.

Remember - anyone can be hurt by lightining. Make sure it´s not you.

1) What´s the best thing to do if you´re outside during a storm?

2) If you´re no able to go into a well-protected place during a storm, what is the next best thing to do?

3) How will lightining most probably get you if you´re outside?

4) What should you not do at home during a storm?

5) What should you do with appliances during a storm?

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