terça-feira, 30 de março de 2010


Easter is the most important Christian holiday of the year. It commemorates Jesus Christ´s resurrection after his crucifixion. Christians believe that Jesus´return to life means that they can also receive new life after death. The Easter holiday celebrates that belief.
In the U.S., Easter is a family day when relatives and friends get together after church services for a large Easter dinner.
For children, Easter means fun and surprises. Eggs are painted and baskets filled with with chocolate rabbits and eggs. Young children believe that the Easter bunny, or Easter rabbit, brings Easter eggs. Sometimes children hunt for eggs hidden about the home and yard. Every Easter in Washington, D.C.,thousands of children roll eggs on the White House lawn.
The Easter holiday is also closely associated with spring. The plants and flowers that are starting to grow again after the long winter symbolize rebirth to Christians. People often wear new clothes on Easter Sunday. They enjoy the return of milder weather by walking outdoors to show off their new outfits.


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