terça-feira, 30 de agosto de 2011

Present Progressive for future plans


-Hi, why are you packing?
-We´re camping out.
-Really? Where?
-We´re going to Yosemite.
-Who´s going with you?
-Laura and her friends from college.
-When are you leaving?
-Tomorrow morning and we´re getting there in the afternoon.
-How are you gettin to the park?
-We´re going by bus.
-That sounds terrific! I really need some rest.
-Rest? But we´re not resting. We´re fishing, hiking, swimming in the waterfalls, practicing sports and hunting.
-Oh! No rest! No way! I prefer to stay home.

Now answer the questions:

1. What are the guys doing tomorrow?

2. Where are they going?

3. Who´s going to the park?

4. When are they leaving?

5. When are they getting to the park?

6. How are they going to get to Yosemitew

7.What activities are they doing at Yosemite?

8. And you? What are you doing tomorrow?

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