domingo, 21 de novembro de 2010


The idea of Thanksgiving can be traced back to the time of Pilgrims. In 1620, the Pilgrims arrived in Plymouth, Massachussets, escaping from religious persecution in Europe.
Not knowing how to survive in the wilderness and having to face an extremely cold winter, the Pilgrim colony lost about half of its members.
But new hope arose in the summer of 1621. The Indians had taught the Pilgrims how to hunt, fish and grow food; and for the first time there would be a good corn harvest. Thus, in early autumn, Governor William Brandford arranged a harvest festival to give thanks to God for the progress the colony had made. The first Thanksgiving Days in New England were, therefore, harvest festivals, or days for thanking God for plentiful crops.
Nowadays Thanksgiving is an annual legal holiday, celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. It is usually a family day, celebrated with big dinners which include roast turkey and pumpkin pie. In fact, going home for Thanksgiving is a national custom. Many Americans travel long distances to spend the holiday at home.

Remember that "Thanksgiving Day" will be celebrated next Thursday - November 25 th.


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