segunda-feira, 23 de agosto de 2010


Number 1:
Oh, São Paulo. Well, it´s a wonderful place. I like the atmosphere. It´s really lively. The streets are busy and fun. And I love the entertainments in São Paulo. It´s really great - you know - shows, musicals and theaters. I adore the museums. They are just fantastic. And the shopping centers are terrific. You can get just anything in São Paulo. I like the people - our business partners are nice here. And people in São Paulo are interesting. Transport is ok - you can get around on subway. And there´s never a dull moment. There´s something going on all the time.
Number 2:
São Paulo is ok. There is a business atmosphere and I like that. A lot is happening all the time. But the streets are dangerous sometimes. You can´t go out alone at night. That´s a pity. The public transportation is convenient; You can take the subway or buses. The entertainment is efficient. The shows are very good if you like musicals. I don´t. I like classical music and opera and there aren´t many good concerts. The museums are excellent and I spend a lot of time in them. I don´t like shoppings, but people say the shopping centers are amazing. People are unfriendly, but not usually rude. So, I like São Paulo, but it´s not my favorite city.
Number 3:
São Paulo? I hate it, I really hete it. I don´t like the traffic - there are cars everywhere - and the atmosphere is polluted. I don´t like crowded streets, and at night they are violent and dangerous. Entertainment? Well, you can´t go to shows or theaters. They´re too expensive. I hate museums, they are really tiring. Yes, shops are good, but very expensive. I can´t buy anything. And the people in São Paulo are rude, and they are unpleasant, and they are always in a hurry. Transpotation is imposssible - I don´t like subways. I like peace and quiet. I just hate cities.

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